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At Rogers Hospitality, we believe that each person has an infinite source of potential and a key contributor to our success. As a result, we craft moments meant to ignite our team members’ senses and make a lasting impression. We strongly believe in the importance of nurturing strong relationships and team spirit with our people while fostering inclusion, mobility and meritocracy. To achieve this, we instill passion and dedication in our people; building on their talent, unique savoir-faire and typical Mauritian warmth. Combined with the expertise of our integrated collection of leading brands and a fervent commitment to sustainability, we hold the recipe to make our guests happy. More than hospitality, ‘We create Mauments to Remember’.

At Rogers Hospitality, we Live Mauments Worth Sharing

We live these ‘Mauments’ fully and share them proudly and fondly with :

At Rogers Hospitality, our thriving People Culture is rooted in three core values that shape the way we work, interact, and succeed. Our values ‘Togetherness, Excellence, and Creativity’ guide our actions, decisions, and interactions, fostering an environment where every team member can thrive and contribute to our collective success.


At Rogers Hospitality, we believe that unity and collaboration are the cornerstones of achieving greatness, and we see our colleagues as more than just coworkers, we are a tight-knit family. Building meaningful relationships is integral to our culture and we prioritize open communication, mutual respect, and a shared sense of purpose. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that everyone brings unique perspectives and strengths to the table.

We encourage cross-functional collaboration, where departments come together to exchange ideas and solve challenges collectively. Our commitment to togetherness ensures that everyone's voice is heard and valued, contributing to a sense of belonging and a strong community. Our social events, team-building activities, and supportive atmosphere create opportunities for friendships to flourish. These connections not only enhance our work experience but also contribute to a positive, uplifting environment that drives our collective success.

#Togetherness in action at Rogers Hospitality:

Striving for excellence is non-negotiable in our culture. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality services and experiences to our customers and team members. Our team members are empowered to set high standards, unleashing their talent, continuously improve, and take ownership of their work. We value a growth mindset, encouraging ongoing learning and development. Recognizing and celebrating achievements, both big and small, fuels our drive for excellence, inspiring us to always go above and beyond.

#Excellence in action at Rogers Hospitality:



Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We cultivate an environment where creativity is encouraged, and new ideas are welcomed. We believe that diverse viewpoints and a willingness to think outside the box lead to breakthroughs. Our teams are empowered to experiment, take calculated risks, and push boundaries to create solutions that inspire and delight. By fostering a culture of creativity, we ensure that our company remains adaptable and at the forefront of industry trends.

#Creativity in action at Rogers Hospitality:

Incorporating these three values ‘Togetherness, Excellence, and Creativity’ into every facet of our organization is what sets Rogers Hospitality apart.
Our People Culture serves as a guiding light, shaping how we navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and chart a path towards a brighter future together.

Change the Perception

We aim to challenge and change the perception of the hospitality and leisure sectors, showcasing the vibrancy and dynamism it holds.

Showcase Growth Opportunities

At Rogers Hospitality, we believe in providing a well-defined career plan with myriad opportunities to grow. Our guidance on career prospects ensures everyone has a roadmap to success.

Strengthen Our Brand

Central to our ethos is the spirit of teamwork and family. We take pride in the camaraderie, the unwavering support Rogers Hospitality provides, and the sheer joy that comes with being part of our family.

Building Trust

Authenticity and genuineness are at our core. We stand by our promises, ensuring our actions echo our words.


Our goal is to engage our existing talents, attract new ones, and ensure we provide an environment that fosters retention and growth.

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