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Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth is a geo-park stretching over 8.5 hectares of volcanic land. With its 600 million years of history, this natural heritage offers a not-to-be-missed experience for all nature lovers and geology enthusiasts.

The dunes make a truly spectacular sight as layers of red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow are interlaced, forming a magical rainbow amidst lush vegetation. Seldom will you be as impressed in front of sand dunes. Once you set eyes on this coloured earth, you will understand why it is one of the most photographed places in Mauritius.

For those who want to let this moment linger, you will be happy to know that Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth comprises a Tortoise Park as well as a Souvenir Shop. Visitors will also be able to bring with them the renowned Café de Chamarel, available at the Coffee Shop.

Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth
Chamarel Waterfall
Tortoise park in Mauritius
Chamarel Geopark - attraction in Mauritius
Bel Ombre Nature Reserve


Nestled within the legendary domaine of Bel Ombre, Bel Ombre Nature Reserve is a 1300-hectare sanctuary that is as enchanting as soothing. Breathe in, breathe out and unwind. The moment you set foot in the reserve, you will be completely immersed in its intensely lush and green beauty.

As you wander around, make the acquaintance of a rich biodiversity. Whether on foot or on a safari adventure in a 4x4 vehicle, you will be in awe of the tropical forest, marshlands and rare endemic birds. Thrill seekers will jump on the chance of trying the premium adventures proposed. Among those are quad rides and reinvigorating treks to the waterfalls.

All of the adventures have been designed with the utmost respect for ecology. Through partnerships with different NGOs such as the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation and Reef Conservation, Bel Ombre Nature Reserve continuously demonstrates its commitment to conservation. The reserve is also a recipient of the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Attraction in Mauritius
Hiking in Mauritius
4x4 Safari


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Blue Alizé, the catamaran cruise company situated in Trou d’Eau Douce Mauritius, committed to creating indelible memories for our esteemed guests. Whether you crave a romantic escapade, a day of unwinding, or a family escapade, step aboard and delve into the enchanting allure of our tropical island.

Uncover secluded coves and picturesque lagoons aboard our cutting-edge catamarans, guided by our seasoned and dedicated crew. Our thoughtfully curated itineraries unveil the breathtaking landscapes of the East Coast of Mauritius, offering a diverse range of routes tailored to various tastes and preferences.

Whether your heart yearns for adventure or relaxation, our team is poised to guide you on a remarkable voyage that will leave you inspired and revitalized. Choose Blue Alize for your upcoming catamaran cruise vacation and relish in exceptional service, expert guidance, and an array of routes, activities, and culinary delights. Immerse yourself in luxury as you explore the splendour of Mauritius with us. We eagerly anticipate the pleasure of sailing with you.

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Catamaran Cruise in the west of Mauritius
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