Out of Office

our new tourist guide

Mauritius is an island paradise, renowned for its beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes.
Now, with the launch of our new tourist guide “Out of Office” visitors to Mauritius can discover even more about this incredible destination. The guide is available in all our resorts and hotels, as well as our destination restaurants.

The Out of Office guide provides detailed information on the best spots to visit in Mauritius including restaurants, activities, and upcoming events. Furthermore it also contains recommendations for local restaurants which serve traditional cuisine as well as international dishes so that visitors can experience authentic flavours from Mauritius during their stay here. With tips from local experts as well as insider knowledge, visitors are guaranteed a truly unique holiday experience that will stay with them long after their return home!

Overall “Out Of Office” offers a comprehensive overview of all that Mauritius has to offer and is sure be invaluable resource for anyone looking make the most out their trip here! Whether it's finding secluded beaches or discovering hidden gems off-the-beaten path - this guide will help ensure your vacation in Mauritius is unforgettable one!

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