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Our hotels and resorts are blissful invitations for Mauritians and foreigners to embrace a refined art de vivre.  Open your eyes and indulge your senses.


Nestled in the 2500-hectare Domaine de Bel Ombre, Heritage Resorts has been celebrating the confluence of nature and luxury for nearly two decades. With its 2 five-star hotels and private villas, it invites you to experience authenticity while escaping the ordinary.

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Veranda Resorts has been in the Mauritian landscape for 35 years. With its magnificent local architecture, traditional cuisine and exceptional savoir-faire, it truly captures the soul of Mauritius. From the East to the West, it holds the promise of an authentic change of scenery.

Explore and indulge in Veranda Resorts’ 5 tropical treasure troves:


Located at the popular Bagatelle Mall in the heart of Mauritius Island, Voilà Bagatelle is the place to work, rest and recharge during business-leisure trips. The hotel offers comfortable and convenient rooms that are perfect after a day of work, state-of-the-art conference facilities, and a 24-hour operational fitness corner for those who need to let off some steam.

Voilà allows its guests to experience a unique urban lifestyle in the vibrant, buoyant Moka Smart City at an affordable price. Thanks to its strategic location, visitors can easily go on shopping sprees or taste a variety of local and international dishes at the mall.

The first hotel in Mauritius to let you decide on both your check-in and check-out time, Voilà strives to offer you a stress-free experience throughout your stay.


Kaz’alala exudes a bucolic charm and a strong local character. Nestled in Bel Ombre, next to Heritage Le Château and the award-winning Heritage Golf Club, it is a truly unique accommodation with a rich history. The hotel comprises four self-catering houses which, in the past, formed part of a sugar plantation housing camp. Each of them features a special theme in line with the surrounding countryside.

Kaz’alala boasts a warm and welcoming restaurant which allows you to enjoy a selection of light bites any time during the day. For dinner, traditional Mauritian dishes such as the kari masala are served in a convivial atmosphere. It is no coincidence if the restaurant is called Lakaz Mama as it will definitely make you feel at home.

Sustainability being at the heart of its operations, Kaz’alala promotes the savoir-faire of the people of Bel Ombre while offering you an authentic Mauritian experience from A to Z. The hotel donates part of its revenues to support local NGOs. So, when you are having a good time at Kaz’alala, remember that you are also contributing to a good cause.