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​​Imagine if you could savour all of Mauritius within a single moment…

A moment out of time, infused with magic, laughter, sunshine and warmth. A 'Maument', as we call it, that flies beyond boundaries but stays in your heart.

At Rogers Hospitality, we create 'Mauments'. We come from different companies and different backgrounds, ranging from hotels and resorts, to food & beverages, but we are all driven by the same passion, the same philosophy: curating handpicked and typical Mauritian moments meant to make a lasting impression on our clientele, while nurturing a positive impact on our communities and the island at large.

With a combined 74 years of iconic presence in the Mauritian landscape, we are building on the heritage of VLH and Island Living to offer more than just hospitality. We create moments to remember.






Years of Experience




We redefine moments so that you can experience the island of Mauritius in all its glory. In only one instant, we make you feel a mosaic of emotions. This is our raison d’être. We create unique moments out of time, infused with magic and laughter, sunshine and warmth. We create moments to remember.


we do it

Because life is precious, because time is limited, because more valuable than material things are experiences and emotions;  and we want you to experience the exceptional.  Wearing our consuming passion for hospitality on our faces, we take pride in offering you the finest.

In the end,  nothing is more essential than time with the family,  time alone,  time off,  time to reflect,  time to reconnect,  time to heal,  time to explore,  time to do,  time for caring,  time for sharing.  It's why we want to create special   Mauments   for our guests to remember these special times with us.


We are a passionate team with a profound desire to excel.


We believe in hard work and dedication, to fulfil your dreams and ours.


We value and master the art of conviviality like no one else.


We believe that the true essence of memorable moments lies in authenticity.


We are committed to meeting the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.


We pledge for a better future through our sustainability programme, Now For Tomorrow.

At Rogers Hospitality, we are driven by our ambition to promote the Mauritian savoir-faire beyond our borders. In so doing, we craft real, authentic Mauritian experiences with the hope that you bring with you the warmth of our people and our paradise island. Our vision is to make our ‘Mauments’ shine across Mauritius and beyond.
As an affiliated company with Rogers, we nurture strong relationships with our people and foster inclusion, mobility and meritocracy through our different brands. We foster team spirit and achieve our objectives by being coherent, rigorous and loyal at all times. Aiming for excellence at all levels, we continuously build innovation strategies to become a trend-setter in our different brand territories.
Our values drives us in the way we work every day. They have been crafted around 3 pillars:

Togetherness: We share our ambitions and unite to achieve shared success.

Excellence: We are committed to delivering the outstanding on a daily basis.

Creativity: We add value and a spark of creativity to everything we do as we are armed with a drive to generate idea.

Our promise

to you

We craft moments meant to ignite your senses and make a lasting impression. To achieve this, we instill passion and dedication in our people. With their unique savoir faire and typical Mauritian warmth combined with a fervent commitment to sustainability, they hold the recipe to make you happy.