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Wellness is ageless.  In the same vein,  your well-   being has always been our priority.


Step into the soothing world of Seven Colours, a wellness haven where ancient natural techniques meet the Mauritian art of caring. Present in each of Veranda Resorts hotels, Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali, Seven Colours caters for each customer’s individual needs and offers tailor-made spa treatments.

Some of its offerings include scrubs, nourishing body and hair masks, body rituals with coconut milk, and signature massages with music, candles or semi-precious stones. The beautiful decor itself sets the stage for pure relaxation while ancient beauty traditions, combined with 100% natural essential oils, are carefully infused to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

At Heritage Le Telfair, Seven Colours brings a new dimension to wellness with its premium Millesime Collection, an array of signature treatments that are completely integrated to the resort’s wonderfully relaxing environment.

One thing is certain, Seven Colours will help you regain your inner harmony.