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Your immersive barefoot holidays at veranda resorts mauritius

With a free spirit and a generous heart, the five hotels Veranda Resorts have unleashed the very essence of what a holiday in Mauritius is all about…

It is above all, an invitation through the journey to let go, to disconnect from everyday life, to reconnect to yourself and to what is essential…family, friends, life… It is that long awaited moment when time becomes long, finally. It even stops and invites you to focus on yourself, and reconnect to your senses through life experiences, in the greatest simplicity.

It is taking a break to marvel at the small pleasures of life. The sun on the skin, the play of light and shadow on the body, the warmth of the sand, the sweet flavors and scents of the tropics. Bare feet in the fine sand, looking out over the blue lagoon, face dazzled by the glistening sun of Mauritius…

Sunshine is my favorite accessory!

Imagine a soothing escape, in close encounter with nature: salty waters, filled with energy of the Indian Ocean, calm and relaxing crystal waters of a swimming pool in-between sunbaths; lush tropical gardens, peaceful green havens in the heart of our hotels, or simply delicate and white sand warming your feet… this time is yours to enjoy, a time to reconnect to nature’s gifts and your inner self.

Enjoy the fruity side of Life

Holidays under the tropics are a treat for the senses…taste the sweet flavours of tropical fruits, smell the exotic aromas…Our island is full of culinary wonders to discover and experience: take a refreshing break on the sandy beach, sipping a fresh juice cocktail, or boost up your energy with a vitamin break by the pool. Pick one, pick two, the choice is yours. No compromise on pleasure!

Family moments to remember forever!

The most beautiful holidays are the simplest, where families reunite for a privileged moment…. Whether playful or relaxed, the most beautiful memories are crafted onthe beach: sand castles and crab hunting, swimming or exploring; the only thing served on this menu : happiness!

It’s only about You and Me

Cherish each and every moment, feel the privilege of living shared experiences. Being together, on such a special island, just the two of you. You have been waiting for this moment for a long time so make the most of it… Enjoy these moments of sheer happiness on the beach at sunset, or moments of pure bliss, gently swaying together in a hammock. Picture laughters and complicity when you get to share some of our specially crafted experiences during your stay.

Full immersion

Your holidays in Mauritius are made of moments of deep immersion in the local culture and traditions. We craft for you the most authentic local experiences. Vibrate to the rhythm of the ravanne and the percussions; go barefoot and feel the freedom; warm up to the crackling bonfire…taste the local flavours, explore our colorful cuisine and exotic food, and connect to our beautiful local nature. Come as a visitor, leave as an islander.

Discover the soul of Mauritius…Deep, touching, generous, truthful and experience the subtle blend of traditional exotic and modern dynamism. With the Indian Ocean lapping at the tips of your toes, replenish yourself in a fresh and dazzling decor.

Every holiday has a story, start dreaming yours…

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