Rogers Hospitality launches a nationwide recruitment campaign

Venez nous rencontrer partout dans l’ile !


To p rode ene travay Part-time ou Full-time? 😁

Vine zwen nou dans #BisTravay à traver l’île.

Notre bus traversera l’île pour vous rencontrer.

Nous recherchons des talents avec ou sans experience.

❗Restez connecté ! Nous dévoilerons les lieux de rencontre dans les differents endroits la semaine prochaine.

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“Where Spontaneity and Hospitality meet, Humans thrive.”

Rogers Hospitality - Launch with the Heritage Resorts' team in Bel Ombre

We are writing TOGETHER, this new chapter in our group’s history, called upon to combine our efforts to create authentic “mauments” for and with our customers. A contraction of “Mauritian” and “moment”, “maument” is the holistic experience promised by Rogers Hospitality of experiencing many facets of Mauritius in ONE moment.

More than just a new chapter, the mission behind Rogers Hospitality is what we do best and what we have at heart:

To make our mauments shine through Mauritius and beyond

Fasten your seat belt, let’s hit the road and travel around Mauritius!

Discover how we at Rogers Hospitality envision collaboration and team spirit: